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Discovering an eye for business

THE STORY OF Lajaward Lajward, 48, is a participant of MISFA’s Targeting the Ultra-Poor (TUP) project in Balkh Province.Since joining TUP a year ago, she has been on a path to escaping abject poverty, but she will never forget that one morning when she found her husband dead in bed.It was a confusing moment of fear, panic, anger, and deep pain, and the brutal certainty of a future filled with struggles for her and her children. Click here

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How a former car broker clawed out of bankruptcy

When Jamaluddin lost all his savings and asset to his car sale business that went bankrupt in 2013, he was desperate. The 45-year old breadwinner was supporting his wife, three daughters and two sons. But with the volatile market conditions in Afghanistan and the limited number of Afghans with real purchasing power to buy high-ticket investments, selling cars is a high-risk business and Jamaluddin realized he needed to shift to a less risky business

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