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Escaping from crippling poverty

The Story Of Saleha Saleha and her family had already been living in poverty in Balkh province, but life took a turn for the worst when her husband got badly injured in a traffic accident in Mazar City. The accident crippled Saleha’s husband, who was a daily wage laborer in the market. Not only did the family lose its main source of income, Saleha had to borrow a lot of money from relatives for medical expenses. Her husband survived but was permanently

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Transforming a barren land into a sapling industry

Story of Sayed Mohammad Sayed Mohammad and his wife, a school-teacher, were making ends meet as a couple, living in the third istrict of Badakhshan province: Guzar Mohmmad Rahim-bay village. But as the family expanded to having three children, with two of them now of school-age, the household income became insufficient. Sayed had to think of a steady source of income that would cover his family’s daily consumption needs, plus some extra to save

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