TUP builds resilience of poorest Afghan women

The Story Of Zeba When Zeba was in her early 30s, she had her hands full taking care of her five children, while her husband earned a living as a daily wage worker. Although they were among the poor in Takhar Province, they were not in a desperate situation. Zeba would know because she had experienced desperation when her husband was arrested and later found guilty for murder of his cousin following a family dispute. To read full story click hereTo

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Turning ambition into profitable artistry

The Story of Shamayel With four school-aged children, the eldest being 15 years old and the youngest at three years, Shamayel is determined to use her sewing and embroidery skills to support her husband in giving their children a good education and a bright future. Shamayel, who lives with her family in Takhar province, says her husband alone could not fulfill the needs of their children and daily household expenses if she did not work to supplement

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Escaping from crippling poverty

The Story Of Saleha Saleha and her family had already been living in poverty in Balkh province, but life took a turn for the worst when her husband got badly injured in a traffic accident in Mazar City. The accident crippled Saleha’s husband, who was a daily wage laborer in the market. Not only did the family lose its main source of income, Saleha had to borrow a lot of money from relatives for medical expenses. Her husband survived but was permanently

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Transforming a barren land into a sapling industry

Story of Sayed Mohammad Sayed Mohammad and his wife, a school-teacher, were making ends meet as a couple, living in the third istrict of Badakhshan province: Guzar Mohmmad Rahim-bay village. But as the family expanded to having three children, with two of them now of school-age, the household income became insufficient. Sayed had to think of a steady source of income that would cover his family’s daily consumption needs, plus some extra to save

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Banking on her savings, a widow plans daughters’ future

THE STORY OF MASOOMA Masooma, a 55-year old widow, used to rely completely on the earnings sent by her husband, who worked as a daily wage laborer in Iran. But after he fell ill, the family resorted to borrowing money from relatives for his treatment and the daily consumption needs of her six children. When her husband died of his illness, Masooma was forced to become the breadwinner for her children: five daughters and one son. Unable to provide

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A widow overcomes the odds

The Story of Arefa Arefa, 55, is a widow from Shinwari village in the Sayed Khail district of Parwan province. Since the death of her husband and the marriage of her three sons, who now have families of their own, Arefa had struggled, being the primary caretaker of her old mother, plus a nephew who had lost both of his parents. To Read the Full Document Click here

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Breaking boundaries: An Afghan woman in shoe-making

The Story of Habiba Like many Afghans, Habiba, 30, was seeking relief from poverty. The mother of four was struggling to make ends meet. The remittance of Habiba’s husband from Iran, where he scrapes by on migrant labor work was the only income of the family. Thus, Habiba was in constant search for income generating opportunities. To Read Full Document Click Here

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Looking forward to graduation

The Story of Nooria Following a stroke that paralyzed her husband, Sakhidad, Nooria, mother to their four children, had to become the breadwinner. She started selling bread baked in a Tandoor (traditional mud stoves), and bolani (bread with potato filling) in the village. And while Nooria was generating some income from this business, it was far from enough to feed her family. To Read Full Document Click Here

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Welding his path to success

The Story of Abdul Wahab Abdul Wahab, 46, overcame the daily struggles from his disability through hard work and determination. Banking on the metalworking and entrepreneurial skills he acquired from his father, Abdul Wahab did not let his speech impairment get in the way of success and opened his own small welding shop. To Read Full Document Click Here

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A role model for young entrepreneurs

Story of Sitara Sitara Anwari is more than just a beautician. She is an inspiration to the Afghan youth, a generation that has grown amidst protracted conflict and economic struggle. At her late twenties, Sitara is banking on her talent and passion, running a profitable enterprise that supports her family, while breaking down social barriers which limit Afghan girls’ education and women’s participation in the workforce. Click here

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