Giving up driving for dairy manufacturing

Story of Asadullah

Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine Asadullah, being a taxi driver. A long-time client of First Microfinance Bank (FMFB), Assadullah, 40 years old , now has a thriving business, which has made him one of the biggest dairy product manufacturers and distributors in Kabul.

He has a confined animal feeding operation and maintains a milk production life cycle with 25 heads of cattle. The fresh milk they yield gets distributed in most supermarkets in Kabul.

Asadulah’s business produces its entire dairy products from fresh milk from both his own supply, combined with those produced by other dairy farms nearby. He distributes milk, yogurt, and butter, but he says his profit earnings come mostly from the fresh milk he sells directly to many stores and markets all throughout Kabul. Unlike fresh milk, producing and selling butter and yogurt require more processing steps.Click here

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