Research Officer (MISFA/0226)
Organization:   MISFA
Location:   Kabul
Duration:   Permanent
No. of Post:   One
Nationality:   National
Date Announced:   January 3, 2021
Closing Date:   January 16, 2021
The Research Officer has the responsibility for effective implementation of programs and activities that are part of the MISFA’s Knowledge Management (KM) strategy and contribute to knowledge creation and sharing culture within organization and across the sector through conducting, coordinating and managing qualitative and quantitative research and surveys. The Research Specialist will support MISFA to document best practices, lessons learned and commission research aimed at improving access to financial services for micro and small enterprises. In addition, s/he would be tasked to implement the Progress out of poverty (PPI) index to better track the microfinance impact and roll out the index in the MF sector to MISFA partners in Afghanistan. The Research Specialist reports to MISFA’s Manager – Research and Communications (R&C). To read the full document, Click here.
Contract Notification Award

This is to declare that MISFA will award the contract of TUP consumption Survey in Balkh province to Afghan Management and Marketing Consultants (AMMC). Please, read more details here.

Amendment No. 1 to the bidding documents reference number MISFA/AFP/G40

With reference to this “Amendment to the bidding documents” the bid submission deadline and the bid opening date of this bidding, reference number MISFA/AFP/G40 dated February 04, 2021 is extended from February 28, 2021 at 02:00 PM to March 10, 2021 at 02:00PM. Pleas, click here to avail the full document.

Access to Finance Project-Evaluation Consultant

Under the sub-component (i) of Access to Finance Project; MISFA has managed a Capacity Building Fund and provided grants to the partner financial institutions as part of its a) system strengthening, and b) innovation windows. The Evaluation Consultant who will be reporting to Director of Program is expected to conduct an evaluation. To read more, click here.

Urban TUP Project – Impact Evaluation Consultant

Under subcomponent (ii) MISFA has completed the implementation of the TUP project in six provinces targeting a total of 7,500 ultra-poor households and the implementation of the TUP project targeting a total of 5,198 households is in progress in Parwan and Nangarhar provinces. Distribution of productive livestock has been the primary input provided to the beneficiaries. To assess the feasibility of non-livestock asset; 80 ultra-poor households living in urban areas of Nangarhar province (urban beneficiaries) are provided with non-livestock asset. The main purpose of this consulting assignment is to report on and discuss the project’s impact on the livelihood of the urban beneficiaries and against the inputs provided to investment made on the 80 urban beneficiaries. For further details, click here.


IBF- Invitation for Bids for Procurement of Customer Biometric Servers, Fingerprint Scanner Devices and Relevant Software/Hardware for Mutahid DFI (Five Lots)

MISFA is inviting the eligible bids for the devices listed above. For further details, please refer to the  document.


IBF- Invitation for Bids for Procurement of Server Machines, Firewall, Server Rack, Windows Server, Microsoft Office & Other IT Equipment for MISFA (Four Lots)

MISFA is inviting the eligible bids for the devices listed above. For further details, please, refer to the document.


IBF-Invitation for Bids for Procurement of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software for MISFA

MISFA is inviting the eligible bids for the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. For further details; please, refer to the document.

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