Research Specialist (MISFA/0187)
Organization:   MISFA
Location:   Kabul
Duration:   Initially 1 Year with possibility of extension (full-time)
No. of Post:   One
Nationality:   National
Date Announced:   October 21, 2019
Closing Date:   November 3, 2019
The Research Specialist has the responsibility for effective implementation of programs and activities that are part of the MISFA’s Knowledge Management ( KM )strategy and contribute to knowledge creation and sharing culture within organization and across the sector through conducting, coordinating and managing qualitative and quantitative research and surveys. The Research Specialist will support MISFA to document best practices, lessons learned and commission research aimed at improving access to financial services for micro and small enterprises. In addition, s/he would be tasked to implement the Progress out of poverty (PPI) index to better track the microfinance impact and roll out the index in the MF sector to MISFA partners in Afghanistan. The Research Specialist reports to MISFA’s Manager – Public Information and Communication (PIC). To read the full document, Click here.
Notification of Contract Award

The Microfinance Investment Support Facility for Afghanistan (MISFA) intends to award the Contract for Procurement of One Four Wheel Drive Motor Vehicle for MISFA, Ref No.:MISFA/AFP/G8,to the Habib Gulzar Motors Ltd, license no.: 0101-5973, located at 2nd part of Karte Parwan, Kabul, Afghanistan. To Read the full document, Click here.


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