Chief Executive Officer (CEO) (0181/Mutahid)
Location:   Kabul
Duration:   Long-term
Sex:   M/F
No. of Post:   1
Nationality:   International
Salary:   As per company salary scale
Announcement Date:   September 03, 2019
Closing Date:   September 16, 2019
Mutahid is looking for a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to oversee the overall operations of the organization, provide strategic direction, and maintain effective fiduciary oversight of the organization’s investments. To read the full document, click here
Research Specialist (0174/MISFA)
Location:   Kabul
Duration:   Initially one year with possibility of extension
No. of Post:   01
Sex:   M/F
Nationality:   National
Salary:   NTA Scale, Grade-C
Announcement Date:   May 23, 2019
Closing Date:   June 05, 2019
The Research Specialist has the responsibility for effective implementation of programs and activities that are part of the MISFA’s Knowledge Management ( KM )strategy and contribute to knowledge creation and sharing culture within organization and across the sector through conducting, coordinating and managing qualitative and quantitative research and surveys. The Research Specialist will support MISFA to document best practices, lessons learned and commission research aimed at improving access to financial services for micro and small enterprises. To read the full document, click here

اعلان دعوت به داوطلبی

تاریخ: 27 سرطان 1398

عنوان: تدارک یک عراده موتر برای دفتر مسفا

شماره دعوتنامه داوطلبی: MISFA/AFP/G8

اداره حمایت از سرمایه گذاری قرضه های کوچک برای افغانستان (مسفا) از تمام داوطلبان واجد شرایط دعوت می نماید تا در پروسه داوطلبی تدارک یک عراده موتر برای دفتر مسفا، اشتراک نموده و یک نقل شرطنامه مربوط را به طور رایگان با ارائه درخواست تحریری از بخش تدارکات اداره مسفا بدست آورده، آفرهای خویش را مطابق شرایط مندرج شرطنامه و طبق قانون و طرزالعمل تدارکات طور سربسته از تاریخ نشر اعلان الی ساعت 10:00 قبل از ظهر مؤرخ 21 اگست 2019 مطابق 30 اسد 1398 به بخش تدارکات این اداره واقع ناحیه دهم، شهرنو، کوچه عصمت مسلم خانه شماره 195،ا رایه نمایند. آفرهای ناوقت رسیده وانترنیتی قابل پذیرش نمی باشد.

تضمین آفر به شکل ضمانت بانکی مبلغ 140,000 (یک صد و چهل هزار ) افغانی بوده و جلسه آفرگشایی بروز 21 اگست 2019 مطابق 30 اسد 1398 ساعت 10:00 قبل از ظهر در صالون کنفرانس اداره مسفا تدویر می گردد.


Request for Quotations (RFQ) – Video Conference Equipment and Accessories

The Microfinance Investment Support Facility for Afghanistan (MISFA) intends to purchase the Video Conference Equipment and Accessories for MISFA, for which this Request for Quotation is issued. 

Your quotation must be delivered to the office of the undersigned on or before August 01, 2019 at 10:00 AM. Any quotation received later than the scheduled time will be rejected and returned unopened. The envelope containing the quotation must be clearly marked Quotation for Video Conference Equipment and Accessories for MISFA, and do not open before August 01, 2019, 10:00 AM. To read the full document, Click here.



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