Despite the challenging political and socio-economic environment in Afghanistan, Mutahid has been able to roll out murabaha Islamic compliant product to five provinces. In order to learn from the past experience and document it for reference in future decision making, Microfinance Investment Support Facility for Afghanistan (MISFA) undertook a case study of Mutahid’s murabaha products in Herat and Kabul provinces. MISFA gathered both primary and secondary qualitative and quantitative data from total 16 Mutahid staff and 15 clients being interviewed. The purpose of the case study is to document the effectiveness and overall lessons learned during the development, pilot and implementation phases of murabaha products (individual and group) and identify key differences in the nature and process of the murabaha product, compared to conventional products (e.g. interest-based loans) in order to promote better practices in Islamic product development in the future.Click here

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