From hardship to hope

The Story of Hawa Reconnecting with her home country has not been easy for Hawa , a returnee from Pakistan and her family including Mohammad Azim, Hawa’s husband and their five children. Upon returning to Afghanistan and settling in Khadikhel, a village in the Sawkai district of Kunar province, the family struggled to find employment .Click here

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The synergy of ambition and access to finance paid off

The story of Sayed Amanullah Sayed Amanullah, 33, the breadwinner of a family of seven, started out with a tiny shop in his neighborhood, supplying household fuel such as gas, oil and coal to the community. Amanullah’s capital was quite small that he could not earn enough to meet his daily expenses, but he was committed to growing his business.Click here

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Discovering an eye for business

THE STORY OF Lajaward Lajward, 48, is a participant of MISFA’s Targeting the Ultra-Poor (TUP) project in Balkh Province.Since joining TUP a year ago, she has been on a path to escaping abject poverty, but she will never forget that one morning when she found her husband dead in bed.It was a confusing moment of fear, panic, anger, and deep pain, and the brutal certainty of a future filled with struggles for her and her children. Click here

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How a former car broker clawed out of bankruptcy

When Jamaluddin lost all his savings and asset to his car sale business that went bankrupt in 2013, he was desperate. The 45-year old breadwinner was supporting his wife, three daughters and two sons. But with the volatile market conditions in Afghanistan and the limited number of Afghans with real purchasing power to buy high-ticket investments, selling cars is a high-risk business and Jamaluddin realized he needed to shift to a less risky business

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A returnee from Iran finds income through TUP

Mazari, a 38-year old Afghan woman, returned to Afghanistan from Iran with her family four years ago. Since settling in the Nahr-e-Shahi district of Balkh province, she and her husband, along with their two children (a son and a daughter), have been struggling to make ends meet, sharing a small mud house with her brother-in-law’s family, and barely eating three square meals a day.Click here

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Side Business Offering Extra Income

Nader Hussain was striving to establish a side business as his salary as a watchman at a government-run factory could not meet the household expenses, despite some perks. "They provide free housing. I do not need to pay rent, electricity and water bills," said Nader Hussain. Click here

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Business growth credited to FMFB’s support

Story of Mohammad Hussain The story of Mohammad Hussain, aged 30, exemplifies how important access to finance is to small businesses like his family’s.  Hussain provides for a household of six, including two school-aged children, through his tailoring business. A long-time client of First Microfinance Bank (FMFB) Afghanistan, Hussain has benefited from the range of products and services FMFB offers to clients with changing needs. His very first

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Turning a refugee skill into a lucrative craft

The Story of Abdullah   For years, Abdullah, 48, a native of Baghlan Province, was languishing in Iran. As an Afghan refugee, his movements and civil liberties were curtailed. Still, he picked up a skill in Iran that became a passion, then a craft, and eventually, a path to success.Click here

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Hopeful for a better future

The story of  Shah Gul Shah Gul, a 38-year old Afghan woman, and her husband have been struggling for many years to make ends meet for their family of eight children (six boys, two girls). But now, with the arrival of a reproductive cow courtesy of the TUP project, she is hopeful that things will start changing for the better.Click here

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A childhood memory inspires an idea

Story of Zahra Khadem Hussain It was a memory from her childhood, a sweet moment of her as a young girl playing grown-up with her mother’s sewing machine, that gave Zahra the idea and the hope for a better future. Now a grown-up, Zahra, 35 years old, lives in the Hala Chapan village of Mazar-e-Sharif in Balkh with her husband and her own three children. Not too long ago, she and her family were in dire conditions and her sweet childhood memories

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